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you call in advance
Feb 12.2019
You can eat Kobe beef steak.Please eat Kobe brand steak which is very popular in Kansai.
Feb 08.2019

Himeji Chanpon will present a store to the1「World Heritage Himeji Castle Marathon Festival」

2019year February 23 10:00to19:00

                            24  9:30to16:00

The marathon tournament is on the 24th,but we are on a festival the day before.

Please come to eat by all means.

Feb 06.2019

We opened  a store 「Himeji subkal festival 」

10:00to16:30 February 10.11

It will be held in the Himeji otemae Park

I'm selling chanpon-grill,so please come by all means.

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